Setting permissions for Synthetic Monitoring

In the Instana UI, go to Settings > API Tokens, and edit the tokens that you created for using Synthetic Monitoring. You can enable the added permissions for each API token that you will use with the Synthetic Monitoring APIs.

Note: If you began using Synthetic Monitoring Open Beta in Instana 243 or earlier versions, and you have created API Tokens, you need to update the previously generated API Tokens with the desired permissions.

If you want to use Synthetic Monitoring, you need to either create a new Group with Synthetic Monitoring permissions and assign users to the group or modify an existing Group to add the desired Synthetic Monitoring permissions. Users in a Group with the Owner permissions will have all Synthetic Monitoring permissions enabled by default. If users are in the Default group, you need to either add them to a group where the Synthetic Monitoring permissions are granted or create a new group with the Synthetic Monitoring permissions and add users to that group.

Permission Details

The following permissions gives you control over viewing and configuring Synthetic locations (PoP), viewing and configuring Synthetic tests, and viewing Synthetic test results. These permissions are applicable to both API tokens and the Instana UI.

  • Configuration of Synthetic tests: Gives permission to create, update, and delete a Synthetic test.
  • Configuration of Synthetic locations: Gives permission to delete a Synthetic location.
  • Access to Synthetic tests: Gives permission to view Synthetic tests.
  • Access to Synthetic locations: Gives permission to view Synthetic locations.
  • Access to Synthetic test results: Gives permission to view Synthetic test results.

For more information about granting permissions in the Instana UI, see Managing user access.

For more information about updating API Tokens, seeWeb REST API Tokens.


  • If a user has the permission of Configuration of Synthetic locations, the permissions for viewing tests, test results, and locations will be enabled automatically.
  • A user that creates a test must be able to view locations so that they can select a location where the test will run.
  • If you need to prevent a set of users from seeing Synthetic Monitoring in the left navigation, create a group, enable Limit Access by Area and Scope, and disable the area Synthetic Monitoring. Then, add the users to this group.