Scheduling maintenance windows

Scheduling a maintenance window enables you to mute alert notifications for specific entities within a given time window.

This is useful when there is planned maintenance or load testing in parts of the monitored system. The affected entities to be muted are filtered using a Dynamic Focus Query or on an Application Perspective.

Instana will not send alert notifications for events, issues, or incidents matching the query or the Application Perspective during the maintenance window.

The events, issues, and incidents themselves will still be created and updated during an active maintenance window.

Schedule a Maintenance Window

  1. On the sidebar, click Settings.

  2. Click Maintenance Windows -> Schedule Maintenance Window.

  3. Enter a unique and descriptive name for the maintenance window.

  4. Apply a filter on the entities to be muted by Application Perspective, Selected entities (Dynamic Focus query), or All available entities.

    Note: When using the Dynamic Focus query, if the query field is left empty, all alerts are turned off for the duration of this maintenance window.

  5. Set the date and time for when the maintenance window should start (Start time) and end (End time).

  6. Click Save

    It can take up to 4 minutes until new configurations or changes to existing configurations take effect.

    Maintenance windows can also be configured using the Instana Backend REST API.

Maintenance Window Status

The status of a maintenance window is one of the following:

  • Unscheduled – No time window has been specified, but the configuration can be used for later scheduling.
  • Scheduled – The time window is specified and scheduled.
  • Active – It is currently active and events matching the Dynamic Focus Query are muted.
  • Finished – Scheduled maintenance window has ended.