Using Instana

Instana provides a single platform that can be used across entire organization. See the powerful functions of Instana as follows:

  • Monitor mobile applications

    Instana supports mobile app monitoring by analyzing actual URL request times, which provides detailed insights into the app experience of users, and deep visibility into application call paths.

  • Monitor websites

    Instana supports website monitoring by analyzing actual browser request times and route loading times. It allows detailed insights into the web browsing experience of users, and deep visibility into application call paths.

  • Monitor applications, services and endpoints

    Instana introduces the next generation of Application Performance Management (APM) with its application hierarchy of services, endpoints, and application perspectives across them. The main goal is to simplify the monitoring of your business' service quality.

  • Monitor serverless

    Instana has native tracing capabilities for serverless (also known as Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) or Container-as-a-Service (CaaS)) platforms.

  • Monitor Infrastructure-as-a-Service

    Every Cloud provider offers services that it manages directly. The Instana host agent can be set up in specific ways to monitor such services.

  • Monitor Kubernetes

    Instana can help you access detailed Kubernetes information, analyze Kubernetes calls, link kubernetes services and logical services, use built-in or custom health rules for Kubernetes entities alerting, and trace workloads deployed on the service meshes.

  • Monitor Cloud Foundry and VMware Tanzu

    Hosts and containers in a Cloud Foundry or VMware Tanzu foundation are discovered automatically and displayed in the infrastructure map. You can easily filter for all entities in a foundation.

  • Monitor vSphere

    Instana enables you to monitor the metrics and configuration data on vSphere.

  • Monitor Infrastructure

    Instana ensures that at any time the infrastructure is monitored and represented as it is. All issues and changes that are detected on the infrastructure are constantly related to any occurring issues and incidents on the application and end user level. In this way, users can have a comprehensive understanding of all parts that deliver the application.

  • Profile Processes

    Instana AutoProfileā„¢ is an an automated and continuous production profiler, which enables you to continuously analyze code-level performance in production without negatively impacting production applications.

  • Manage Events & Alerts

    Instana can be used to manage built-in issues and incidents, define custom events, configure and manage alerts, set up alert channels, schedule maintenance windows, and configure custom payload in alerts.

  • Build Custom Dashboards

    In addition to the built-in dashboards on the Instana user interface for common use-cases, Instana supports custom dashboards to better satisfy users' needs.

  • Service Level Objectives

    Instana enables users to create and manage your Service Level Objectives (SLOs), which are necessary to analyze the quality of service (QoS) and reliability goals in concrete, measurable, objective terms.

  • Filter with Dynamic Focus

    Instana provides Dynamic Focus, a robust search and filter function that is capable of searching through all of data contexts simultaneously.

  • Leverage the Dynamic Graph

    Instana provides Dynamic Graph, a model of your application that understands all the physical and logical dependencies of components such as Host, OS, JVM, Cassandra Node, MySQL, etc. The graph also includes logical components such as traces, applications, services, clusters, and tablespaces.

  • Use Proactive Monitoring

    Instana can be used to perform proactive monitoring of your websites and applications through Synthetic Monitoring. Create synthetic tests that simulate the performed actions and API calls that are made by your users to receive early warning of problems with your websites or applications.

In addition to these functions, Instana has six core capabilities to uniquely address the challenges facing modern Dev+Ops teams. See Core Capabilities.