Monitoring Containerd

The Containerd sensor is automatically deployed and installed after you install the Instana agent.

Sensor (Data Collection)

Metrics collection

To view the metrics, select Infrastructure in the sidebar of the Instana User interface, click a specific monitored host, and then you can see a host dashboard with all the collected metrics and monitored processes.

Configuration data

  • Container ID
  • Image
  • Created at
  • Updated at
  • Containerd namespace
  • Labels

Performance metrics

Metric Description Granularity
CPU usage Total, kernel, memory and user usage 10 seconds
CPU throttling Throttling time and count 10 seconds
Memory usage Total, cache, limit, percentage and rss 10 seconds
Memory active The amount of anonymous and cache active memory 10 seconds
Memory inactive The amount of anonymous and cache inactive memory 10 seconds
Block io The read and write values are displayed on a graph over a selected time period 10 seconds

Metrics collection

The Containerd sensor automatically start collecting metrics using ctr metrics. It requires a ctr version higher than 1.2.0. If an older version of ctr that does not provide the metrics command, the sensor will automatically fallback to getting metrics from the Prometheus endpoint. In this case, in order to enable metrics collection, the metrics address needs to be specified in the Containerd configuration file located in /etc/containerd/config.toml. Restart containerd.service afterwards.

  address = ""

Pause containers

The pause container is a container that holds the network namespace for the pod. Kubernetes creates pause containers to acquire the IP address of respective pod and set up the network namespace for all other containers that join that pod.

The Infra (pause) containers are excluded from infra monitoring by default for the following reasons:

  • The number of monitored containers in an environment is doubled when they are included. The exclusion can lower Instana monitoring costs.
  • Monitoring pause containers does not bring much information on the infra level because they act as sidecar network helper containers.

A Get Container Info button is added to fetch the container details.