Build 245

Build 245 is released on 21 March 2023.

Breaking changes

  • Ruby sensor: Version 1.209.5 of ruby-sensor drops support for all the Ruby runtimes that have already reached end-of-life status more than 2 year ago. This means that any runtime earlier than version 2.7 is not supported by 1.209.5. Users of legacy runtimes need to bind instana in gem files manually to the 1.209.4 track. For example, add the line: instana < 1.209.5. For more information about the current support matrix, see the supported versions page.


Apdex widget

You can now add Apdex widgets to your custom dashboards to display and analyze the performance of your application or website over time. For more information, see Apdex.

IBM MQ Sensor

  • Added MQTT channel table to show all the MQTT channels in the queue manager dashboard.
  • Added MQTT channel dashboard to show each MQTT channel data.
  • Added MQTT channel metrics including Connections, In Doubt Input, In Doubt Output, Messages Sent, Messages Received, and Pending Outbound.
  • Added MQTT channel configuration data including Type, Status, Keep Alive Interval, Start Date/Time, Last Message Date/Time, Connection Name, Client Id, Client User, and Protocol. For more information, see Monitoring IBM MQ.

IBM MQ Managed File Transfer monitoring

Instana now triggers built-in events if any IBM MQ Managed File Transfer (MFT) agent or resource monitor is not in running status. For more information, see IBM MQ Managed File Transfer monitoring.

SLO widget

Now you can configure SLO widgets for websites to track service levels from users' perspective. For more information, see Creating SLI configuration for websites.

Support for AWS Lambda Runtime for Node.js 18

The Lambda layer for Node.js now supports the AWS Lambda runtime for Node.js 18.


Alert notifications

Add zone information for alerts on remote monitoring entities

Now the custom zone and availability zone information is included in alert notifications for events that are triggered on remotely monitored entities.

Apache HTTPd Sensor

Support for Oracle HTTP Server

Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) is a web server based on the Apache HTTP Server. Now OHS monitoring is supported on the following platforms where Instana Apache-httpd Sensor 1.2.7 or later versions are used:

  • Oracle HTTP Server version for Linux x86_64
  • Oracle HTTP Server version for Windows 64-bit
  • Oracle HTTP Server version or higher for Solaris-SPARC 64-bit
  • Oracle HTTP Server version or higher for AIX 7.2 ppc 64-bit

Db2LUW Sensor

Metrics improvements

A hadr_log_gap metric is added in the HADR configuration. The hadr_log_gap metric is a measure of the difference between the primary log sequence number (LSN) and the standby log LSN. A log_utilization_percent metric, which shows the total used log space in percentage, is added to the database section.

IBM ACE Sensor

  • The IBM MQ connections for remote monitoring support cipher suites.
  • The log messages for the IBM MQ connections include host information.

IBM i Sensor

OracleDB Sensor

Add support for databaseServiceName

The feature for connecting to the oracleDB by using the databaseServiceName field is added. For more information, see Sensor configuration.

Trace detail view

An Analyze Calls of this Trace button is added to the trace detail view. By using this button, you can open all calls for the current trace in unbounded analytics to simplify analysis of calls of the selected trace.

Open Beta

Synthetic Monitoring: Filter test results with the success status

When you view the list of results for a synthetic test in the Results tab of the Synthetic Monitoring UI, you can filter the list of results to view only the successful results now. In earlier releases, you could filter the list to view the failed results, but could not view the successful results. Now you can select either the failed status or successful status in the filter to affect the list of results. By default, all results are shown in the Results tab of the Synthetic Monitoring UI.

If you click the Results tab from a Synthetic Smart Alert in the Events UI, you can see only the failed results that are associated with that alert and timeframe. You can remove the failed status filter to see all results in the timeframe of the alert.

Synthetic PoP: Add a new parameter for image path in Helm charts

A new parameter imagePath is added into the values.yaml file of Helm chart. You can change the value of the imagePath parameter to pull images from different image repositories.

PowerHMC Sensor: Search query in the Infrastructure page

You can view PowerHMC Sensor by clicking Infrastructure or Platforms in the navigation bar of the Instana UI. Click the Map tab of the Infrastructure page, and then you can search in the search bar by using any query like entity.type:phmc, entity.type:phmc.console, entity.type:phmc.system, entity.type:phmc.lpar, and entity.type:phmc.vios. In this way, the number of entities in the graph is reduced, and you can identity PowerHMC-related entities in the graph more quickly.

Update the Instana UI for disabled widgets

The user interface of disabled widgets is updated in the Application, Service, and Endpoint dashboards of Application Perspectives. In previous releases, these widgets were replaced with the message Widget is not supported in Live Mode. Now the message is removed, and you can see an indicator that This widget is not updated during Live Mode when you hover over the indicator. In addition, the disabled widgets don't synchronize with other charts.


Application tagging

A bug in application tagging makes some Application Perspectives display or tag immediate database and messaging services downstream incorrectly. Now this bug is fixed.

Alert notifications

Previously, alert notifications on generic WebHook integration channels missed the the end field for closed incidents. Now this bug is fixed.

IBM ACE Sensor

  • A bug that prevented monitoring multiple remote instances on an agent is fixed.
  • A fix for the security issue WS-2019-0379 is delivered.

IBM DataPower Sensor

A fix for the security issue WS-2019-0379 is delivered.

IBM MQ Sensor

Previously, if the IBM MQ queue manager was down too quickly (in 1 minute), the down event of the queue manager was not triggered. Now this issue is fixed.

Open Beta

Synthetic Monitoring: Fix multiple selection in the Tests tab

Previously, a pagination problem happens after you filter with multiple selections in either the Tests tab in the Synthetic Monitoring UI or the Synthetic Monitoring tab in the Applications UI. Now the problem is solved.

Synthetic Monitoring: Fix synthetic test input area

In the Step 2: Request details wizard of the Create Synthetic Test page in the Synthetic Monitoring UI, a bug where the letter f could not be typed into the input area is solved now.

For more information about this wizard, see Using the user interface (Open Beta).

Synthetic Monitoring: Fix the limit in the Tests tab

When you filter synthetic tests in the Tests tab of the Synthetic Monitoring UI, the number of tests is calculated dynamically based on the time window instead of using a fixed limit.

Synthetic PoP: Fix the script bundle issue

When you create an API test by using the script bundle and specify a single folder to hold scripts, the API test failed. Now this issue is fixed.

OracleDB Sensor

A bug that prevented monitoring the FOREGROUND_SESSIONS metric is fixed.

Website monitoring

In rare cases, when fetch options were shared in multiple fetch requests, cross-site request forgery(CSRF) token authentication failed with the JavaScript agent (eum.min.js) of end-user monitoring. Now the bug is fixed.