Before you install Instana, review the deployment options and system requirements to plan.

Deployment options

Review the deployment options that are supported for Instana. For more information, see Deployment options.

System requirements

If you install and use Instana in a self-hosted (on-premises) environment, review the system requirements for Instana backend, agents, and sensors to ensure that your environment meets the minimum requirements. If you use Instana SaaS, review the system requirements before you install Instana agents and configure sensors. For more information, see System requirements.

Preparing endpoints and keys

You can use different Instana agents to monitor your technology stacks as you need, including host agents, cloud service agents, serverless agents, and web and mobile agents. You need the Agent key to create a relationship between the monitoring agent and the environment that it belongs. You also need the Download key to download extra artifacts when you deploy a dynamic agent. For more information, see Preparing endpoints and keys.