Serverless monitoring

Getting Started

To get started monitoring your serverless workloads with Instana, head over to our serverless agents documentation, where you will find setup instructions and a list of our supported serverless technologies.

Automatic Discovery & Monitoring

Once a function is invoked, Instana AutoTrace will instrument the service on-the-fly and start reporting spans to the Instana backend. Discovery is fully automatic and continuous. Every service change will be recorded into Instana’s Dynamic Graph.

Serverless Monitoring Host Map

End-To-End Visibility

Automatically, all function calls will be modelled as services, which will be stitched into dependency maps, providing easy understanding of their interdependencies.

Serverless Monitoring Dependency Map

Immediate Feedback

As new versions of your functions are deployed, Instana immediately identifies up the newest version and provides you with information to understand the impact of the new deployment.

Compared to the most common approaches of sampling data, Instana traces every single request throughout the system to provide immediate visibility with a full end-to-end view. All the way from the frontend, down to the database.

This ensures you will always have all the data necessary to understand the exact impact of every single deployed version.

Serverless Monitoring Service Dashboard