Configuring and monitoring supported technologies

Instana supports hundreds of technologies. To learn how to configure Instana to monitor a technology, click the icon in the following lists.

If a technology that you depend on is not listed, or if you need additional information, contact us.


  • To view the metrics for the supported technologies, select Infrastructure in the sidebar of the Instana User interface, click a specific monitored host, and then you can see a host dashboard with all the collected metrics and monitored processes.

  • After you install the host agent, most agent sensors, which are designed to monitor specific technologies, are automatically installed. Some agent sensors are also automatically configured after the host agent is installed. But for the other sensors, you need to do some configurations to make these sensors work.

  • To find all the technologies that support Tracing, see the list in the Tracing section.

Cloud and infrastructure


Alerting and notifications




Agent sensors

Note: The agent sensors that are highlighted by an asterisk (*) support Tracing.

Action sensors