Monitoring Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

To provide visibility and insights of Google Cloud Platform cloud based environments, you can install a host agent to automatically discover and monitors GCP services by:


Monitored services


The Instana Google Cloud integration uses Service Accounts to create an API connection between Google Cloud and Instana.

Note: Depending on the number of monitored entities in your cloud environment, you might need to increase the maximum amount of available memory to your host agent. Agent memory can be increased by setting the environment variable AGENT_MAX_MEM to a value that is greater than the default value 512MB. For example, to set the agent memory to 1GB, you can set AGENT_MAX_MEM=1024mb.

The following steps are instructions for creating the service account and providing Instana the service account credentials to begin making API calls on your behalf.

  1. Go to Google Cloud credentials page for the Google Cloud project you would like to set up the Instana integration.
  2. Press Create credentials, and then select Service account key SelectServiceAccount
  3. In the Service account list, select New service account
  4. Give the service account a unique name
  5. Choose a role or create a custom one, which contains at least the following permissions:
    • monitoring.timeSeries.list
    • pubsub.subscriptions.list
    • pubsub.topics.list
    • resourcemanager.projects.get
    • cloudsql.instances.list
    • storage.buckets.list
  6. Select JSON as the key type, and press create
  7. Take note where this file is saved, as it is needed to complete the integration.
  8. In the host agent configuration file <instana-agent-dir>/etc/instana/configuration.yaml, add a field credentials_path to the com.instana.plugin.gcp section, and designate the value with the path of the credentials file.

    See the following example:

      poll_rate: 60 # How often Google's monitoring API will be polled in seconds
      credentials_path: '/opt/instana/credentials/cred-gcp.json' # Path to Service Account credentials
      exclude_tags: ''
      include_tags: ''

To monitor projects, the following services need to be enabled: