Installing Installation Manager by using console mode

You can use console mode to install Installation Manager.

Before you begin

For IBM® i, review Installing Installation Manager on IBM i.

For IBM z/OS®, review Installing and updating Installation Manager on z/OS.

About this task

You can install Installation Manager as an administrator, a nonadministrator, or in group mode.

A selected option is indicated by an X in brackets: [X]. Options that are not selected are indicated by empty brackets: [ ]. You can press Enter to select the default entry or select a different command. For example, [N] indicates that the default selection is N for the Next command.


To install Installation Manager in console mode:

  1. Download Installation Manager installation kit.

    Go to the Installation Manager download links technical document and click the applicable download document link. The download document contains details about downloading the installation files.

    You must download the installation kit, agent.installer.platform​​, for the operating system and the version of Installation Manager that you require. You cannot use the fix pack,​​​, to install Installation Manager.

  2. Create a directory to store your installation kit.
  3. Extract the files to the directory.
  4. Open a command line, and go to the directory that you created.
  5. On the command line, run one of these commands:
    Table 1. Installation commands by operating system and mode
    Operating system Administrator Nonadministrator Group
    Windows installc -c userinstc -c Not available
    Linux, UNIX, IBM i, IBM z/OS, and the OS X operating system ./installc -c ./userinstc -c ./groupinstc -c

    Group mode is not supported on IBM i.

  6. Enter N: Next. Installation Manager is selected for installation by default.
  7. For the Licenses screen, the options that are available:
    • 1: IBM Installation Manager - License Agreement. To view the license agreement, enter 1.
    • A: [ ] I accept the terms in the license agreement.
    • D: [ ] I do not accept the terms in the license agreement. If you decline the license agreement, the installation is stopped. To continue the installation, you must accept the license agreement.
    1. Enter A to accept the license agreement.
    2. Enter N: Next.
  8. To change the installation location, enter L: Change Installation Manager installation location.
    1. To accept the default installation location or to continue after you enter a different value, enter N: Next.
  9. On the Summary screen, review your selections.

    To generate a response file before you install the application, enter G: Generate installation response file. Enter the name of the response file and use .xml as the file extension. Response files are XML files. You can include a directory location when you enter the response file name to save the file to a different location.

  10. Enter I: Install.
  11. When the installation completes, enter R: Restart Installation Manager.