Installing Installation Manager by using wizard mode

Use wizard mode to install Installation Manager.

About this task

You can install as an administrator, a nonadministrator, or a group. See Installing as an administrator, nonadministrator, or group.
Remember: Some platforms do not support the graphical user interface (GUI) for Installation Manager. See System Requirements for IBM® Installation Manager.

For IBM i, see Installing Installation Manager on IBM i.

For IBM z/OS®, see Installing Installation Manager on z/OS.


  1. Download Installation Manager installation kit. See Installation Manager and Packaging Utility downloads.
  2. Create a directory to store your installation kit.
  3. Extract the files to the directory.
  4. Open a command line and go to the directory you created.
  5. In a command line, run one of the following commands:
    Table 1. Install commands by operating system and mode
    Operating system Administrator Nonadministrator Group
    Windows install userinst Not available.
    Linux, UNIX, and the OS X operating system ./install ./userinst ./groupinst
    Note: On the OS X operating system, you might be prompted to enter your credentials to install Installation Manager with administrator privileges.

    Also, you can run ./install or ./userinst with the -dataLocation directory argument to install Installation Manager using a non-default agentData directory. For example, for Linux: ./install -dL /IMagentData. For more information, see Agent data location and Sensitive data.

  6. Installation Manager is selected on the Install Packages page. Click Next.
  7. On the Licenses page, read the license agreements for the selected packages. After you accept the license agreement, click Next to continue.
  8. On the Location page, edit the Installation Manager directory to change the default directory. Click Next.
  9. On the Summary page, review your choices before you install Installation Manager.
  10. Click Install. When the installation process completes, you receive a confirmation message.