Installing Installation Manager by using console mode

You can use console mode to install IBM® Installation Manager.

Before you begin

For IBM i, review Installing Installation Manager on IBM i.

For IBM z/OS®, review Installing Installation Manager on z/OS.

About this task

You can install IBM Installation Manager as an administrator, a nonadministrator, or in group mode.

A selected option is indicated by an X in brackets: [X]. Options that are not selected are indicated by empty brackets: [ ]. You can press Enter to select the default entry or select a different command. For example, [N] indicates that the default selection is N for the Next command.


To install Installation Manager in console mode:

  1. Download Installation Manager installation kit see: Installation Manager downloads. You must download the installation kit, agent.installer.platform​​, for the operating system and the version of Installation Manager that you require. You cannot use the fix pack,​​​, to install Installation Manager.
  2. Create a directory to store your installation kit.
  3. Extract the files to the directory.
  4. Open a command line, and go to the directory that you created.
  5. On the command line, run one of these commands:
    Table 1. Installation commands by operating system and mode
    Operating system Administrator Nonadministrator Group
    Windows installc -c userinstc -c Not available
    Linux, UNIX, IBM i, IBM z/OS, and the OS X operating system ./installc -c ./userinstc -c ./groupinstc -c

    Group mode is not supported on IBM i.

  6. Enter N: Next. Installation Manager is selected for installation by default.
  7. For the Licenses screen, the options that are available:
    • 1: IBM Installation Manager - License Agreement. To view the license agreement, enter 1.
    • A: [ ] I accept the terms in the license agreement.
    • D: [ ] I do not accept the terms in the license agreement. If you decline the license agreement, the installation is stopped. To continue the installation, you must accept the license agreement.
    1. Enter A to accept the license agreement.
    2. Enter N: Next.
  8. To change the installation location, enter L: Change Installation Manager installation location.
    1. To accept the default installation location or to continue after you enter a different value, enter N: Next.
  9. On the Summary screen, review your selections.

    To generate a response file before you install the application, enter G: Generate installation response file. Enter the name of the response file and use .xml as the file extension. Response files are XML files. You can include a directory location when you enter the response file name to save the file to a different location.

  10. Enter I: Install.
  11. When the installation completes, enter R: Restart Installation Manager.