Installing Installation Manager on IBM i

For the IBM® i operating system, you can install packages by using silent installations and console mode.

About this task

The IBM i system must have Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE) version 6.0 installed.

The install, userinst, groupinst, and groupinstc commands are not included with the installation files for IBM i as the GUI mode is not supported. You cannot install in group mode on IBM i. For information about installation modes and default directory locations, see Installing as an administrator, nonadministrator, or group. Use the console mode to install on IBM i.

Administrators must have the *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities in their profile. Administrators that have these special authorities can read or write to files in the file system. As an administrator, you can execute installc in the Qshell command environment even if you do not have the file execute permission set.

For nonadministrators, after you extract the installation files from the compressed file, check that the binary launcher programs have the file execute permission set. IBM i does not include a utility to extract the installation files. If a nonadministrator uses a Java JAR utility to extract the files from the compressed file, the files do not have the file execute permissions set.

For information about the IBM i operating system, see theIBM i documentation.


  1. Start the Qshell command environment
  2. In the Qshell command environment, set umask to 022.
  3. Choose one of the methods to install: