Installing or updating Installation Manager silently by using the installer

Use the IBM® Installation Manager installer's silent command to install the Installation Manager silently or to update the currently installed Installation Manager to the version of the installer.

Before you begin

Review the differences between installing packages as an administrator, a nonadministrator, or a group to determine the method you follow, see Installing as an administrator, nonadministrator, or group. Determine whether to specify an installation folder or use the default installation folder.

For IBM i, review Installing Installation Manager on IBM i.

For IBM z/OS®, review Installing Installation Manager on z/OS.


To install Installation Manager:

  1. Download the installation kit, agent.installer.platform, see Installation Manager related links.
  2. Create a directory to store the installation kit.
  3. Extract the installation kit to the directory that you created.

    For z/OS, obtain an unzip command from IBM z/OS UNIX System Services Ported Tools. If you use the jar command to extract the installation files, you must restore the file permissions, especially the execute permissions, for the extracted files before you continue:

    chmod -R 755 /usr/lpp/InstallationManager/V1R4

  4. Open a command line and go to the directory.
  5. View the license text for Installation Manager from the directory:
    • For Windows, view this file: installation_files_directory\native\\license.txt
    • For Linux, UNIX, IBM i, z/OS, and the OS X operating system, view this file: installation_files_directory/native/
  6. In a command line, run one of these commands:
    Table 1. Silent installation commands by operating system and mode
    Operating system Administrator Nonadministrator Group
    Windows installc.exe -log log_file -acceptLicense userinstc.exe -log log_file -acceptLicense Not available.
    Linux, UNIX, IBM i, z/OS, and the OS X operating system ./installc -log log_file -acceptLicense ./userinstc -log log_file -acceptLicense ./groupinstc -dataLocation application_data_location -log log_file -acceptLicense

    Group mode is not supported on IBM i.

    • If you are using the installation kit to upgrade an existing Installation Manager installation, you must specify the same values for -installationDirectory and -dataLocation that you used when you created the Installation Manager. Under z/OS, use the Installation Manager user ID to perform the upgrade process.
    • The -dataLocation option is required for group mode when you install Installation Manager. The installed instance of Installation Manager uses the stored location each time you start Installation Manager. This stored location was specified by the -dataLocation option during the installation. You do not need to use the -datalocation option to start Installation Manager in group mode.
    • Use the -installationDirectory directory option to specify a non-default installation directory. For Group mode, specify a directory as described in Group mode roadmaps and silent installations.

What to do next

After you install Installation Manager silently, you can use Installation Manager to install packages silently.

Optional: View the license text from the Installation Manager directory: