Java Runtime Environment

Installation Manager installs a Java™ Runtime Environment (JRE).
Default location of the installed JRE folder:
  • Windows: install_dir\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse
  • Linux, UNIX, and the OS X operating system: install_dir/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse
To identify the version of the JRE used by a specific platform:
  • In the installation files for Installation Manager, open the install.ini file. The path for the JRE contains the JRE version.


You receive an error when the JRE cannot be found:
A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK)
must be available in order to run Launcher. No Java virtual machine
was found after searching the following locations:
  • Verify the jre_version folder exists. If files are missing, you can reinstall Installation Manager, see Reinstalling Installation Manager in wizard mode.
  • Check the path to the JRE in the .ini files. For example, the install.ini file contains: