BAR_SEC_ALLOW_BACKUP configuration parameter

Use the BAR_SEC_ALLOW_BACKUP configuration parameter on an RSS node to enable the taking of archives and log backups on that node using either onbar or ontape.

onconfig.std value
default value
range of values
0 = Do not allow archives or log backups to be taken on this RSS node.
1 = Allow archives and log backups to be taken on this RSS node.
takes effect
When the RSS starts


The setting of the BAR_SEC_ALLOW_BACKUP parameter on an RSS node determines whether the ontape or onbar utilities may take archives or log backups on that node.

  • If set to 0, ontape and onbar will return an error if one attempts to archive spaces or back up logical logs.
  • If set to 1 and the RSS node has been properly configured, either ontape or onbar may be used to take archives and log backups locally.

The value of BAR_SEC_ALLOW_BACKUP is ignored on any non-RSS node.