ARCHIVE_UNLOGGED_OBJECTS configuration parameter

ARCHIVE_UNLOGGED_OBJECTS configuration parameter specifies if a backup is allowed on an RS secondary server if non-logging objects exist in the primary database server.

onconfig.std value
0 – The default value which will result in the legacy behavior. The archive on the RSS will be blocked if the instance contains non-logged objects.
1 – Quiet mode. Non-logged objects will be searched. If found, a general message will be printed in the log and archiving will continue.
2 – Verbose mode. A separate descriptive message will be printed in the log identifying every non-logged object found, then the archiving will continue.
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file of the RSS server and restart the database server.


By default, a backup on an RSS server will fail if non-logging objects (i.e. RAW tables) exist in the primary database server. If you want the backup to complete even if non-logging objects exist, you can set this configuration parameter to 1 or 2. While restoring these backups using onbar/ontape, a warning message will be printed in the online.log if they were taken with this configuration parameter set to 1 or 2. The message will read: “Warning: This backup is incomplete, the source database instance contains RAW/non-log objects that are missing from this backup, restore it at your own risk”