cdr delete replicate

The cdr delete replicate command deletes a replicate.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramcdr delete replicateConnect Option1replicate_name
Element Purpose Restrictions Syntax
replicate_name Name of the replicate to delete.   Long Identifiers


The cdr delete replicate command deletes the replicate repl_name from the global catalog. All replication data for the replicate is purged from the send queue at all participating database servers. You can run this command from within an SQL statement by using the SQL administration API.

Important: If you are creating a replication server to replace the one you deleted, use the cdr check queue --qname=ctrlq command to make sure that the delete operation propagated to all the servers.

When you run the cdr delete replicate command, an event alarm with a class ID of 68 is generated, if that event alarm is enabled.

Example 1: Deleting a single replicate

The following command connects to the default database server specified by the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable and deletes the replicate reynolds:
cdr delete replicate reynolds 

Example 2: Deleting multiple replicates

The following command connects to database server hoek and deletes the replicates reynolds and stimpson:
cdr del rep -c hoek reynolds stimpson