cdr change replicateset

The cdr change replicateset command changes a replicate set by adding or deleting replicates.


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>>-cdr change replicateset--+--------------------------+-------->
                            |                      (1) |   
                            '-| Connect Option   |-----'   

                            V           |   
>--+- --add----+--repl_set----replicate-+----------------------><
   '- --delete-'                            

  1. See Connect Option.
Element Purpose Restrictions Syntax
repl_set Name of the replicate set to change. The replicate set must exist. Long Identifiers
replicate Name of the replicates to add to or delete from the set. The replicates must exist. Long Identifiers

The following table describes the options to cdr change replicateset

Long Form Short Form Meaning
--add -a Add replicates to a replicate set.
--delete -d Remove replicates from a replicate set.


Use this command to add replicates to a replicate set or to remove replicates from an exclusive or non-exclusive replicate set:
  • If you add a replicate to an exclusive replicate set, Enterprise Replication changes the existing state and replication frequency settings of the replicate to the current properties of the exclusive replicate set.

    If you remove a replicate from an exclusive replicate set, the replicate retains the properties of the replicate set at the time of removal (not the state the replicate was in when it joined the exclusive replicate set).

    When you add or remove a replicate from an exclusive replicate set that is suspended or that is defined with a frequency interval, Enterprise Replication transmits all the data in the queue for the replicates in the replicate set up to the point when you added or removed the replicate.

  • If you add or remove a replicate to a non-exclusive replicate set, the replicate retains its individual state and replication frequency settings.

Use this command to add or remove replicates from a grid replicate set. You can only add replicates that were created outside of a grid environment to a grid replicate set if the following conditions are met:

  • The participant servers must be the same as the servers in the grid.
  • The replicated table schema must be the same among all participants.
  • The entire replicated table is replicated. Using a SELECT statement in the participant definition that does not include all the columns in the table or includes a WHERE clause is not allowed.
  • The replicate must not belong to an exclusive replicate set.
  • The replicate must not include TimeSeries columns.

When you run the cdr change replicateset command, an event alarm with a class ID of 66 is generated, if that event alarm is enabled.

You can run this command from within an SQL statement by using the SQL administration API.


The following example adds the replicates house and barn to replicate set building_set:
cdr change replicateset --add building_set house barn
The following example removes the replicates teepee and wigwam from replicate set favorite_set:
cdr change replset --delete favorite_set teepee wigwam

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