Verify the integrity of migrated data

Open each database with DB-Access and use oncheck to verify that data was not corrupted during the migration process.

You can also verify the integrity of the reserve pages, extents, system catalog tables, data, indexes, and smart large objects, as Table 1 shows.
Table 1. Commands for verifying the data integrity
Action oncheck Command
Check reserve pages oncheck -cr
Check extents oncheck -ce
Check system catalog tables oncheck -cc database_name
Check data oncheck -cD database_name
Check indexes oncheck -cI database_name
Check smart large objects oncheck -cs sbspace_name
Check smart large objects plus extents oncheck -cS sbspace_name

If the oncheck utility finds any problems, the utility prompts you to respond to corrective action that it can perform. If you respond Yes to the suggested corrective action, run the oncheck command again to make sure the problem has been fixed.

The oncheck utility cannot fix data that has become corrupt. If the oncheck utility is unable to fix a corruption problem, you might need to contact Software Support before your proceed.

Important: If the value of the MAX_FILL_PAGES configuration parameter is 1, you must run oncheck -cD for all tables that include variable length data types (VARCHAR, NVARCHAR, and LVARCHAR), and take the suggested corrective action to avoid warnings about resetting the bitmap mode.

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