Review client applications and registry keys

After you migrate a database server on the same operating system or move the database server to another compatible computer, review the client applications and sqlhosts file or registry-key connections. If necessary, recompile or modify client applications.

Verify that the client-application version you use is compatible with your database server version. If necessary, update the sqlhosts file or registry key for the client applications with the new database server information.

If you have a 64-bit ODBC application that was compiled and linked with a version of IBM® Informix® Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK) that is prior to version 4.10, you must recompile the application after migrating. The SQLLEN and SQLULEN data types were changed to match the Microsoft 64-bit ODBC specification. Be sure to analyze any functions that take either of these data types to ensure that the correct type passes to the function. This step is crucial if the type is a pointer. Also note that in the ODBC specification, some parameters that were previously SQLINTEGER and SQLUINTEGER were changed to SQLLEN or SQLULEN.

For more information about interactions between client applications and different database servers, refer to a client manual.

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