Cloning a primary server

You can use the ifxclone utility to perform one-step server instantiation, allowing a primary server in a high-availability cluster to be cloned with minimum setup or configuration.

You can use the ifxclone utility to create one of the following database server types:
  • Standalone server
  • Remote standalone (RS) secondary server
  • High-availability data replication (HDR) secondary server
  • Shared-disk (SD) secondary server
  • Enterprise Replication server
Using the ifxclone utility, the database administrator can quickly, easily, and securely create a clone server from a running Informix® instance without requiring to back up data on the source server, and transfer and restore it to the clone server. The backup and restore processes are started simultaneously using the ifxclone utility and there is no requirement to read or write data to disk or tape.

Data is transferred from the source server to the target server over the network using encrypted Server Multiplexer Group (SMX) Connections.

You can automate the creation of clone instances by calling the ifxclone utility from a script.