Use the TRACE statement to control the generation of debugging output.


Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramTRACEONOFFPROCEDUREExpression1;


The TRACE statement generates output that is sent to the file that the SET DEBUG FILE TO statement specifies. Tracing writes to the debug file the current values of the following program objects:
  • SPL variables
  • Routine arguments
  • Return values
  • SQL error codes
  • ISAM error codes

The output of each executed TRACE statement appears on a separate line.

If you use the TRACE statement before you specify a DEBUG file to contain the output, an error is generated.

Any routine that the SPL routine calls inherits the trace state. That is, a called routine (on the same database server) assumes the same trace state (ON, OFF, or PROCEDURE) as the calling routine. The called routine can set its own trace state, but that state is not passed back to the calling routine.

A routine that is executed on a remote database server does not inherit the trace state.