PSORT_DBTEMP environment variable

The PSORT_DBTEMP environment variable specifies the location where the database server writes the temporary files that the PSORT_NPROCS environment variable uses to perform a sort.

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The name of the UNIX directory used for intermediate writes during a sort.
To set the PSORT_DBTEMP environment variable to specify the directory (for example, /usr/leif/tempsort), enter the following command:
setenv PSORT_DBTEMP /usr/leif/tempsort

For maximum performance, specify directories that are located in file systems on different disks.

You might also want to consider setting the environment variable DBSPACETEMP to place temporary files used in sorting in dbspaces rather than operating-system files. See the discussion of the DBSPACETEMP environment variable in DBSPACETEMP environment variable.

The database server uses the directory that PSORT_DBTEMP specifies, even if the environment variable PSORT_NPROCS is not set. For additional information about the PSORT_DBTEMP environment variable, see your IBM Informix Administrator's Guide and your IBM Informix Performance Guide.

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