DBACCNOIGN environment variable

Use the DBACCNOIGN environment variable to specify the behavior of the DB-Access utility when specified errors occurs.

The DBACCNOIGN environment variable affects the behavior of the DB-Access utility if an error occurs under one of the following circumstances:
  • You run DB-Access in non-menu mode.
  • In IBM® Informix® only, you execute the LOAD command with DB-Access in menu mode.
Set the DBACCNOIGN environment variable to 1 to roll back an incomplete transaction if an error occurs while you run the DB-Access utility under either of the preceding conditions.
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For example, assume DB-Access runs the following SQL commands:
DATABASE mystore

INSERT INTO receipts VALUES (cust1, 10)
INSERT INTO receipt VALUES (cust1, 20)
INSERT INTO receipts VALUES (cust1, 30)

UPDATE customer
   SET balance =
      (SELECT (balance-60)
      FROM customer WHERE custid = 'cust1')
   WHERE custid = 'cust1

Here, one statement has a misspelled table name: the receipt table does not exist. If DBACCNOIGN is not set in your environment, DB-Access inserts two records into the receipts table and updates the customer table. Now, the decrease in the customer balance exceeds the sum of the inserted receipts.

But if DBACCNOIGN is set to 1, messages open that indicate that DB-Access rolled back all the INSERT and UPDATE statements. The messages also identify the cause of the error so that you can resolve the problem.

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