Closing all transactions and shutting down the source database server

Before migrating, terminate all database server processes and shut down your source database server. This lets users exit and shuts down the database server gracefully. If you have long running sessions, you must also shut those down.

Inform client users that migration time is typically five to ten minutes. However, if migration fails, you must restore from a level-0 backup, so ensure that you include this possibility when you estimate how long the server will be offline.

Before you migrate from the original source database server, make sure that no open transactions exist. Otherwise, fast recovery will fail when rolling back open transactions during the migration.

To let users exit and shut down the database server gracefully

  1. Run the onmode –sy command to put the database server in quiescent mode.
  2. Wait for all users to exit.
  3. Run the onmode –l command to move to the next logical log.
  4. Run the onmode -c to force a checkpoint.
  5. Make a level-0 backup of the database server.
  6. Run the ontape -a command after the level-0 backup is complete.
  7. Run the onmode –yuk command to shut down the system.

If you need to perform an immediate shutdown of the database server, run these commands:

onmode -l
onmode -c
onmode -ky

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