JVPCLASSPATH configuration parameter

onconfig.std value


takes effect
When shared memory is initialized
The JVPCLASSPATH configuration parameter is the initial Java™ classpath setting. You must modify the default setting in the configuration file by replacing /usr/informix/extend/krakatoa with JVPHOME_path, the path name in your JVPHOME configuration parameter.
If you require the debug versions of the JAR files, use the following JVPCLASSPATH setting:

The total number of characters available for specifying configuration values in the onconfig file is 256. The database server imposes this limit.

To specify more than 256 characters for the value of the JVPCLASSPATH parameter, you can store the value in a file and specify the keyword file: on the parameter, followed by the file name. For example, if you set the path in a file called classpath_fl in the directory /u/informix/iif2000/extend/java, you can specify the JVPCLASSPATH parameter, as the following example shows:
JVPCLASSPATH file:/u/informix/iif2000/extend/java/classpath_fl

You must specify the complete value for JVPCLASSPATH on one line in the file, just as you would normally on the configuration parameter. Do not include the parameter name JVPCLASSPATH again. The database server considers the first carriage return in the line to be the terminating carriage return for the path name.

The JVPCLASSPATH parameter is required if the number of JVPs (set in VPCLASS JVP parameter) is greater than 0.
Tip: The JVP ignores the CLASSPATH environment variable. However, you must set the CLASSPATH environment variable so that you can compile your UDRs.