Verifying the integrity of the data

After verifying that no open transactions exist, verify the integrity of your data by running the oncheck utility. You can also verify the integrity of the reserve pages, extents, system catalog tables, data, and indexes. If you find any problems with the data, fix the problems before you make a final backup of the source database server.

To obtain the database names, use the following statements with DB-Access:
DATABASE sysmaster;
SELECT name FROM sysdatabases;
Alternatively, to obtain the database names, run the oncheck -cc command without any arguments and filter the result to remove unwanted lines, as shown in this example:
oncheck –cc | grep "ting database"
Table 1 lists the oncheck commands that verify the data integrity.
Table 1. Commands for verifying the data integrity
Action oncheck Command
Check reserve pages oncheck -cr
Check extents oncheck -ce
Check system catalog tables oncheck -cc database_name
Check data oncheck -cD database_name
Check indexes oncheck -cI database_name

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