Saving copies of the current configuration files

Save copies of the configuration files that exist for each instance of your source database server. Keep the copies available in case you decide to use the files after migrating or you need to revert to the source database server.

Although you can use an old ONCONFIG configuration file with Informix® Version 14.10, you should use the new Version 14.10 ONCONFIG file, or at least examine the file for new parameters. For information about Version 14.10 changes to the ONCONFIG file, see Configuration parameter changes by version.

Configuration files that you might have are listed in Table 1.

Table 1. Configuration files to save from the source database server
UNIX or Linux Windows
$INFORMIXDIR/etc/onconfig.std %INFORMIXDIR%\etc\onconfig.std
$INFORMIXDIR/etc/oncfg* %INFORMIXDIR%\etc\oncfg*
$INFORMIXDIR/etc/sm_versions %INFORMIXDIR%\etc\sm_versions
$INFORMIXDIR/aaodir/adtcfg %INFORMIXDIR%\aaodir\adtcfg.*
$INFORMIXDIR/dbssodir/adtmasks %INFORMIXDIR%\dbssodir\adtmasks.*

If you use ON-Bar to back up your source database server and the logical logs, you must also save a copy of any important storage manager files and the following file:

UNIX or Linux:

The IBM® Informix Primary Storage Manager does not use the sm_versions file. If you plan to use the Informix Primary Storage Manager, you do not need the sm_versions file. However, if you use the IBM Spectrum Protect or a third-party storage manager, you do need the sm_versions file.

If you are using a different directory as INFORMIXDIR for the new database server, copy sm_versions to the new $INFORMIXDIR/etc, or copy sm_versions.std to sm_versions in the new directory, and then edit the sm_versions file with appropriate values before starting the migration.

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