Preparing to migrate with Enterprise Replication

If you use Enterprise Replication, you must do replication-related tasks to prepare for migration.

You must do all migration operations as user informix, unless otherwise noted.

Only a DBSA can run the cdr check queue command. With a non-root installation, the user who installs the server is the equivalent of the DBSA, unless the user delegates DBSA privileges to a different user.

To prepare for migration with Enterprise Replication:

  1. Stop applications that are performing replicable transactions.
  2. Make sure that the replication queues are empty.

    If you are migrating from Informix® 12.10.xC1 or later releases, run the following commands to check for queued messages and transactions:

    1. cdr check queue -q cntrlq targetserver
    2. cdr check queue -q sendq targetserver
    3. cdr check queue -q recvq targetserver

    If you are migrating from an earlier version of Informix, run the following commands:

    1. Run onstat -g grp to ensure that the Enterprise Replication grouper does not have any pending transactions. The grouper evaluates the log records, rebuilds the individual log records in to the original transaction, packages the transaction, and queues the transaction for transmission.
    2. Run onstat -g rqm to check for queued messages.
  3. Shut down Enterprise Replication by running the cdr stop command.

Now you can complete the steps in Preparing for migration and, if necessary, in Migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit database servers.

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