Making a final backup of the source database server

Use ON-Bar or ontape to make a level-0 backup of the source database server, including all storage spaces and all used logs. After you make a level-0 backup, also perform a complete backup of the logical log, including the current logical-log file.

Be sure to retain and properly label the tape volume that contains the backup.

Important: You must also make a final backup of each source database server instance that you plan to convert.

For ON-Bar, remove the ixbar file, if any, from the $INFORMIXDIR%/etc or %INFORMIXDIR%\etc directory after the final backup. Removing the ixbar file ensures that backups for the original source database server are not confused with backups about to be done for the new database server. Follow the instructions regarding expiration in your storage manager documentation.

For more information about making backups, see the IBM® Informix® Backup and Restore Guide.

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