Prepare for Java support

You must install and configure software before you can write user-defined routines (UDRs) in Java™ code.

Before you create and use UDRs written in Java code, ensure that the required software is installed:
  • Informix® 14.10 with J/Foundation.

    J/Foundation includes the IBM Informix JDBC Driver that contains Java classes and shared-object files that you can use to write UDRs in Java code. The installation procedure installs these binary files in $INFORMIXDIR/extend/krakatoa.

  • A supported Java software development kit or an earlier version according to Java compatibility guidelines.

    If you do not plan to develop Java UDRs, you do not need to install the development kit for Java. The J/Foundation component includes a Java runtime environment to execute Java UDRs.

Check the machine notes to learn about Java technology requirements for specific operating system platforms. The machine notes are available on the product media and in the online release information.