H2 Database

This topic provides a brief tutorial on what is H2 Database and how you can migrate your old version of h2db data to new version of h2db in InformixHQ.

What is H2 Database?

H2 Database is a light weight java database. InformixHQ uses H2 Database as an embedded database where it stores all the details related to InformixHQ users, informix servers' connections, connection properties, repository database name, alerting configurations, etc.

Where can you find h2db.mv.db in InformixHQ?

h2db is located in the directory from where you are running informixhq-server.jar. If you are running informixhq-server.jar for the first time, InformixHQ will create the h2db.mv.db file.

Default location of informixhq-server.jar and h2db.mv.db is $INFROMIXDIR/hq .

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