Preparing to use the Change Data Capture API

Before you can start using the Change Data Capture API, you must prepare the database and the database server.

Perform the following tasks to prepare for using the Change Data Capture API:
  1. Turn on logging for all databases from which you intend to capture data changes by running the cdc_set_fullrowlogging() function with the logging argument set to 1.
  2. Run the following script as user informix from the $INFORMIXDIR/etc directory: syscdcv1.sql
  3. Verify that the syscdcv1 database exists by creating a connection to it, as user informix. For example, you can use DB-Access to connect to the syscdcv1 database.
  4. Set the DB_LOCALE environment variable to be the same as the locale of the database from which you want to capture data.

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