Completing required post-migration tasks

After you migrate, you must complete a series of post-migration tasks to prepare the new version of the server for use.

To complete post-migration tasks:

  1. If you do not use Informix® Primary Storage Manager: For ON-Bar, copy the sm_versions file.
  2. Finish preparing earlier versions of 12.10 databases for JSON compatibility
  3. Optionally update statistics on your tables after migrating.
  4. Review client applications and registry keys.
  5. Verify the integrity of migrated data.
  6. Back up Informix after migrating to the new version.
  7. Tune the new version for performance and adjust queries.
  8. If you use specific features, you might have to perform additional post-migration tasks:

Repeat the migration and post-migration procedures for each instance of Informix Version 14.10 that you plan to run on the computer.

Important: Do not connect applications to a database server instance until the migration has completed successfully. If a serious error occurs during the migration, you might need to revert to the previous version of the server, restore from a level-0 backup, and then correct the problem before restarting the migration tasks.

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