Informix JDBC Driver Guide

These topics describe how to install, load, and use to connect to the Informix® database from within a Java™ application or applet.

These topics describe the Informix extensions to JDBC in a task-oriented format; it does not include every method and parameter in the interface. For the complete reference, including all methods and parameters, see the online Javadoc, which appears in the doc/javadoc directory where you installed .

You can also use Informix JDBC Driver for writing user-defined routines that are executed in the server.

These topics are written for Java programmers who use the JDBC API to connect to Informix databases with the Informix JDBC Driver. To use these topics, you should know how to program in Java and, in particular, understand the classes and methods of the JDBC API.

For information about software compatibility, see the release notes.

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