is a native-protocol, pure-Java driver (Type 4) that supports the JDBC specification.

For information about JDBC specification compliance, go to Java™ software development kit.

When you use Informix® JDBC Driver in a Java program to interact with the Informix database, your session connects directly to the database or database server, without a middle tier.

You can use the JDBC driver for Java applications that access the Informix database server. The installation includes ifxjdbc.jar driver and several support .jar files.

Javadoc pages describe the Informix extension classes, interfaces, and methods in detail.


If you want to run Java user-defined routines (UDRs) in the database server, you must use the server-side version of the driver that is installed with the optional J/Foundation component of the database server. The server-side driver includes a jdbc.jar file, which is derived from the ifxjdbc.jar file. The IBM® J/Foundation Developer's Guide describes the interfaces and subprotocols that the provides specifically for server-side JDBC applications, as well as restrictions that apply to server-side JDBC applications.

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