IBM® Informix® 12.10

IBM Global Security Kit (GSKit)

The IBM® Global Security Kit (GSKit) provides libraries and utilities for SSL or TLS communication.

IBM Global Security Kit version 8 is installed with Informix® 12.10 and IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK) version 4.10. IBM Global Security Kit 8 is used by default; however, if you have another supported, major version of IBM Global Security Kit software installed on your computer, you can set the GSKIT_VERSION configuration parameter so that the database server uses the other version.

The IBM Global Security Kit includes the GSKCapiCmd command-line interface for managing keys, certificates, and certificate requests. For more information about this tool, see the GSKCapiCmd User's Guide at

The iKeyman utility and GSKCmd command-line interface can also be used to manage keys, certificates, and certificate requests, but are a part of Java™ runtime environment, version 1.6 or later, instead of IBM Global Security Kit 8. For information about the iKeyman utility and the GSKCmd command-line interface, see the IBM Developer Kit and Runtime Environment, iKeyman 8.0 User's Guide at

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