IBM® Informix® DataBlade® Developers Kit, Version 4.20

DataBlade Developers Kit User’s Guide

These topics describe how to use IBM® Informix® DataBlade® Developers Kit (DBDK) tools to develop and package DataBlade modules.

A DataBlade module extends the functionality of IBM Informix to handle data with user-defined routines or to handle nontraditional kinds of data, such as full text, images, video, spatial, and time series data.

These topics are written for experienced C, C++, or Java™ programmers who are comfortable writing libraries to support applications. Use these topics to develop DataBlade modules that extend your IBM Informix database server.

If you are unfamiliar with DataBlade modules, read IBM Informix DataBlade Module Development Overview before you read these topics.

Check the Informix DataBlade Developers Kit release notes for software compatibility requirements for IBM Informix and IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK).

To use DBDK to develop your DataBlade module in a Windows development environment, you need to install the following software:

To use BladePack to package your DataBlade module with an interactive installation for Windows, you need an InstallShield professional license.

To use the IBM DataBlade Developers Kit InfoShelf, you need one of the following browsers:

For system requirements and installation instructions, see the IBM Informix Read Me First sheet for the DBDK.

These topics are taken from IBM Informix DataBlade Developers Kit User’s Guide.

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