The IBM Informix registry file (Windows)

The Code-Set Name-Mapping file, which is called registry, is an ASCII file that associates code-set names and aliases with their code-set numbers.

A code-set number is based on the IBM® CCSID numbering scheme. IBM Informix® products use code-set numbers to determine the file names of locale and code-set-conversion files.

For example, you can specify the French locale that supports the ISO8859-1 code set with any of the following locale names as locale aliases:

  • The full code-set name
  • The decimal value of the IBM CCSID number
  • The hexadecimal value of the IBM CCSID number

When you specify a locale name with either of the first two forms, IBM Informix products use the Code-Set Name-Mapping file to translate between code-set names (8859-1) or code-set number (819) to the condensed code-set name (0333). For information about the file format and search algorithm that IBM Informix products use to convert code-set names to code-set numbers, see the comments at the top of the registry file.

When the IBM Informix product needs to obtain information about locale aliases, it accesses the GLS code-set files in the following path:
In these paths, INFORMIXDIR is the environment variable that specifies the directory in which you install the IBM Informix product, gls is the subdirectory that contains the GLS files, and Z represents the version number for the code-set object-file format.
Restriction: Do not remove the Code-Set Name-Mapping file, registry, from the IBM Informix directory. Do not modify this file. IBM Informix products use this file for the language processing of all locales.