IBM® Informix® 11.50

Restrictions on SPL Routines in Data-Manipulation Statements

If you call the SPL routine in a SQL statement that is not a data-manipulation language (DML) statement (namely EXECUTE FUNCTION or EXECUTE PROCEDURE), the SPL routine can execute any statement that is not listed in the section SQL Statements Valid in SPL Statement Blocks.

If you call the SPL routine as part of a DML statement (namely, an INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, or SELECT statement), the routine cannot execute any of the following SQL statements: Informix® issues error -675 if an SPL routine whose calling context is a DML statement attempts to execute any of the SQL statements listed above.

These restrictions do not apply to an SPL routine that is invoked by a trigger, because in this case the SPL routine is not called by the DML statement, and therefore can include any SQL statement, such as UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE, that is not listed among the SQL Statements Valid in SPL Statement Blocks.

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