JVMOPMAS=name parameter for procedures

Use the JVMOPMAS=name parameter in procedure to specify the name of the member in the IMS.PROCLIB data set that contains the JVM options for the standalone JVM for Java™ dependent regions (JBPs and JMPs). However, if the //STDENV DD statement is used, the JVMOPMAS=name parameter is ignored.

This parameter can be specified for non-Java dependent regions (MPPs, BMPs, and IFPs) also, in order to create and manage the JVM in MPP, BMP, and IFP regions.

The member name is a maximum of 8 uppercase characters.

The JVM options member must contain either of the following:
  1. Specify the -Xoptionsfile option to point to the UNIX System Services (USS) file system JVM properties file. The --Xoptionsfile option allows you to specify path names that are greater than 255 characters in length on the -Djava.class.path option.
  2. Specify the -Djava.class.path option in the options file to specify the application class path.

If you use the //STDENV DD statement, specify the -Xoptionsfile and -Djava.class.path in the shell script that is referenced by the DD statement. The JVMOPMAS= parameter is ignored when the //STDENV DD statement is present.

Specify the path name (or path names) of your IMS Java application class files. If your .class files are contained in a .jar file, the path name to the .jar file must be fully qualified, including the name of the .jar file.

Comments are supported for this options member. The comments begin with an asterisk (*) in the first column.

Each line in the options file must not be longer than 72 bytes, including the continuation mark. Use a greater-than symbol (>) at the end of the line as a continuation character.

If you do not use the -Xoptionsfile JVM option, path strings can be a maximum of 255 bytes in length (any characters over 255 bytes are ignored). A path string can be one path name or several path names. If you are specifying multiple path names, separate each by a colon (:).

The sample member, DFSJVMMS, demonstrates how to specify the JVM options for Java dependent regions (JBPs and JMPs). For more information about the DFSJVMMS member and examples, see the DFSJVMMS sample member topic.