For call-level programs: An SSA contains an invalid field name, or the field name is not defined in the DBD. The number in the segment level number field of the DB PCB is the level number of the SSA that contains the invalid name.

When command code O is specified, the position or the length specified is invalid. An invalid value can be 0, or any value that exceeds the maximum length of the segment.

You can also receive this status code if the program is accessing a logical child through the logical parent. DL/I returns AK if the field specified in the qualification has been defined for the logical child segment, and it includes (at least partially) the portion of the logical child that contains the concatenated key of the logical parent.

When you are using field-level sensitivity, a field you specified in the SSA has not been defined in the PSB. After this status code is returned, your position in the database is unchanged.

For command-level programs: A WHERE option contains an invalid field name. (The field name is not defined in the DBD.) The number in the DIBSEGLV field of the DIB is the level number of the WHERE option that contains the invalid name.

Programmer response

Correct the SSA or WHERE option.


DL/I codes