A signon request for "recovery end" was issued to DBRC, and the request failed. This request is issued after the initial checkpoint at the end of emergency restart and notifies DBRC of emergency restart completion. This allows DBRC to remove any pending information held from the previous execution of IMS. The DBRC return codes specify the error. Message DFS043I precedes this abend. To determine the cause of the failure, refer to:

  • DBRC request return codes information to determine the cause of the failure.
  • The information on message DFS043I.


0043 is a standard abend issued by DFSRST00 (online) or DFSPCCC0 (batch). The return code is set into register 15 when issuing the abend. The subsystem name for the online IMS subsystem is located in the SCD. For the batch subsystem, the subsystem name is located in PXPARMS. The parameter list address can be located in the checkpoint PST listing with all the information required to issue the signon request.

System action

IMS terminates abnormally.

Programmer response

Determine the cause of the error and correct the problem.

Problem determination

1, 4, 10, 35


IMS abends