Tools Base overview

IBM® Tools Base for z/OS (also referred to as Tools Base) is a no-charge product that contains various components that are required for some IMS Tools.

This interactive graphic displays a visual representation of every Tools Base component and illustrates the relationships between the components.
The following Tools Base components can be used by multiple IMS Tools:
  • IMS Tools Knowledge Base
  • Policy Services
  • Autonomics Director (for IMS)
  • Distributed Access Infrastructure
  • IMS Tools Common Services
  • IMS Tools Hardware Data Compression Extended
  • IMS Batch Terminal Simulator extensions
The common functionality provided by Tools Base is required by all IMS Tools solution packs and must be installed before the solution packs are used. Tools Base is not delivered as part of the solution packs and must be ordered separately.
Important: Products that require Tools Base might not require all the components in Tools Base. To determine which components are required by a product, see the user's guide for that product.