PCB control statement

This optional control statement is used to select an HSSR PCB used for the database call in FABHURG1.

Use this statement only when you run FABHURG1 in a DLI or DBB region and you want to specify an HSSR PCB other than the first one. If you run FABHURG1 in the ULU region, you do not need to specify the statement.


PCB pcbnbr     dbdname
Code the PCB keyword to identify this statement as a PCB statement.
Code an HSSR-PCB number. Specify 1 for the first HSSR PCB in the PSB. The number specified does not need to contain leading zeros, or it does not need to be aligned.
Note: HSSR-PCB number is the sequence number, within the PSB, that is assigned to each HSSR PCB. If, for example, the first and the third database PCBs are defined as HSSR PCBs, but not the second PCB, then the third database PCB has the HSSR-PCB number of 2.
Code a DBD name.

The HSSR PCB used for the database call in FABHURG1 is determined by the following rule:

  • If no PCB control statement is provided, the first HSSR PCB is used.
  • If dbdname is blank, the HSSR PCB identified by pcbnbr is used.
  • If dbdname is not blank, the first HSSR PCB that refers to the named DBD is used.
  • If no HSSR PCB that matches with the specification is defined, FABHURG1 issues an error message.