Printing long database records with FABHLDBR

You can print long database records by using the FABHLDBR utility. The FABHLDBR utility runs as an HSSR application.


  1. Prepare the basic JCL for HSSR Engine.

    For instructions, see Preparing the basic JCL.

  2. Specify the additional DD statements that are required for the FABHLDBR utility.

    For a list of the additional DD statements that are required for FABHLDBR, see FABHLDBR JCL requirements.

  3. Specify the TRDB and the TRHC control statements in the HSSROPT data set to activate the hardcopy trace option.

    For the formats and the parameters of the control statements, see FABHLDBR HSSROPT input data set.

  4. Run the job.

    When the job completes, statistics reports are written in the HSSRSTAT data set.


See JCL example for Database Tuning Statistics and FABHLDBR for a JCL example to run the FABHLDBR utility.