FABHPSFC CARDIN input data set

The FABHPSFC CARDIN input data set contains the control statements for FABHPSFC.

The following table lists the FABHPSFC control statements.

Table 1. FABHPSFC control statements
Control statements Function Mode
CTL Directs the FABHPSFC program. PSF
DBD Identifies database to be scanned. PSF
END Specifies end of FABHPSFC CARDIN control statements. PSF
HKY Specifies the high key value of each unload data set. PSF
NPT Defines area of database to be scanned by the PSF. PSF
PSB Identifies characteristics of output data sets to be created. PSF


This data set contains 80-byte fixed-length records. The control statements can be coded in the input stream or accessed as a member of a partitioned data set.