FABHTEST utility for problem determination

You can use the FABHTEST utility to diagnose software errors in HSSR Engine. The FABHTEST utility is the HSSR Engine test utility that runs a sequence of HSSR or DL/I calls against an IMS database.

Activate the compare and hardcopy trace options, and run the failing call sequence with the FABHTEST utility.

  • Running the failing call sequence with FABHTEST (instead of the application program) eliminates the possibility that the application program will destroy code or control blocks of IMS High Performance Unload.
  • The compare option will check whether HSSR Engine returns the same PCB feedback and I/O area as DL/I would have returned.
  • The hardcopy trace option provides a trace of HSSR Engine activities and control blocks. This trace can be used by the system programmer to find out why HSSR Engine made the error.
  • The trace option should be activated by issuing the START keyword at a point before the error occurred.
  • The TRHC control statement requests that call information, buffer handler information, control blocks (CB), and buffer control blocks (BUFCB) be traced. A TRDB control statement must be included.