Hardware and software prerequisites

Before you install IMS High Performance Unload, make sure that your environment meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements.

Hardware requirements

IMS High Performance Unload operates on any hardware configuration that supports the required versions of IMS.

Software requirements

IMS High Performance Unload requires Database Manager of one of the currently supported versions of IMS or IMS Database Value Unit Edition.

The operating system requirements of IMS High Performance Unload are the same as those required by the corresponding IMS release.

To use the Data Conversion exit of IMS, IMS/ESA® Year 2000 Exit Tool Version 1 (5697-E04) is required (this product supports IMS versions up to 7.1).
Note: No user-written Data Conversion exit routine (DFSDBUX1) is supported.

To use the Db2® DL/I Batch support, one of the currently supported versions of Db2 UDB for z/OS® is required.


IMS High Performance Unload is subject to the following restrictions with respect to processing environment:

  • It cannot be run under IMS Utility Control Facility (UCF).
  • It does not support the checkpoint and restart capability.

Restrictions that are related with each utility program are described in Restrictions for IMS High Performance Unload.